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Webinar: RWE in Clinical and Epidemiological Research

Date: Tuesday, November 17, 2020
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RWE can support assessments of treatment patterns, costs and outcomes of interventions, identify underserved therapeutic areas, treatment claims and assess efficacy and safety of therapies in real-world use. In particular, RWE can be used to design efficient trials, clinical research efforts, support market access activities and inform reimbursement decisions.

The real-world data is there. How do we leverage it to produce actionable real-world evidence? Leading experts from Türkiye discussed their experiences working with real-world data, including successes from use of healthcare data from Clinerion's Community of healthcare organizations on Patient Network Explorer.

In this webinar, we heard the following topics from the following experts:


  • RWE with Sample Cases - Dr. Turgay Aydınlar (Sanofi)
  • Being a Data Partner of European Health Evidence Network (EHDEN) - Prof. Yağız Üresin (İstanbul Üniversitesi)
  • Importance of Data Quality and Infrastructure for RWE - Dr. Barış Erdoğan (Clinerion) 
  • RWE Processes in Epidemiological Research - Dr. Gamze Aktuna (Hacettepe Üniversitesi)
  • RWE for Medical Devices - Dr. Ergun Konakçı (Ege Üniversitesi)

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Faizal Rayan Dr. Turgay Aydınlar
Medical Director
Sanofi Turkey 
Irina El Ali

Prof. Dr. Yağız Üresin
Head of the Department of Medical Pharmacology
Istanbul Faculty of Medicine

Born 1962 in Istanbul. Graduated from Istanbul College 1980, Istanbul Medical Faculty 1986, finished specialization in Pharmacology on 1990. Worked in Istanbul Medical Faculty Dept. of Cardiology 1987-88, Human Pharmacolgy Sandoz Basel 1991-1993. Became associate professor at 1997, professor at 2004, head of the department at 2006, head of the division of Clinical Pharmacology at 2014. Performed clinical trials on phase I to IV,  has documents in FDA, was principal investigator of international multicenter hypertension study, was Erasmus coordinator of the Istanbul Medical Faculty, is vice Director of the IU Clinical Research Center of Excellence, vice and Medical Director of the IU Drug Research Center, chairperson of the Ethics Committee of Istanbul Medical Faculty, Board Member of the Istanbul University Biotechnology and Genetical Engineering Center, Member of the State Representatives Group of Innovational Medicines Initiative of EU, ethics consultant of the IMI SAFE-T project, Member of the Steering Board and Chairperson of the International Clinical Trial Center Network, Chairperson of Turkish Atherosclerosis Society. Speaks Turkish, German & English, is married, has a daughter. Scientific interests; translational science, clinical research, biomarkers, atherosclerosis (hypertension and dislipidaemia in particular) stress and neuroscience. Personal interests; music, writing, variety of sports.


Leon van Wouwe

Dr. Barış Erdoğan
Vice President Site & Patient Networks
Clinerion Ltd

Barış Erdoğan studied computer engineering and holds an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in educational technology. He practiced data mining techniques in various sectors including healthcare. He lectures on the topics of software development, database management, medical informatics, and project management. His expertise and experience include the management of innovative Medical Informatics projects and implementation of end-to-end Healthcare IT enterprise information systems, both in the public and private sectors.




Dr. Gamze Aktuna
Research Assistant of Hacettepe University 
Hacettepe University

Dr. Gamze Aktuna, MD, MSc, PhD(c), is currently working as a medical doctor, research assistant and Public Health PhD candidate at Hacettepe University, Institute of Public Health, Health promotion Department in Türkiye. She was graduated from Akdeniz University, Medical Faculty in 2009 and successfully completed Türkiye Nationally Certificated Field Epidemiology Training Program in 2017. Nowadays she is pursuing her second master degree on Data Science and Measurement. She had been working for several years in many project belonging Ministry of Health, WHO and other International and National Organizations, such as surveillance systems, outbreaks investigations, trainings, consultancies as a medical doctor, epidemiologist, trainer and public health expert. She continues her academic studies and consultancies in various topics with different agencies. 


Dr. Ergun Konakçı
Dept. of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
Ege University Faculty of Medicine

He graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 1996 and completed his master's degree in Hospital and Healthcare Management. He worked in different companies in the IT industry for several years
He is currently a faculty member of the Biostatistics and Medical Informatics Department at Ege University Faculty of Medicine . He worked as a coordinator for 13 years at Prokom, which manages the administrative, legal and financial procedures of all clinical trials at Ege University Faculty of Medicine.
At the same time, he provides consultancy services to medical device manufacturers and clinical trial services in Infomedika Health Informatics Consulting Inc., which he founded in 2011.


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