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Clinerion Patient Network Explorer

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White Papers, Publications & Posters

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A multicenter RWE study of Whooping cough (pertussis) patients in Turkey

June, 2022

In this research, real world data (RWD) of patients who diagnosed for pertussis (ICD10: A37-Whooping cough) and all A37 subfractions were examined. In addition, the cases that were not diagnosed with Whooping cough but suspected of having Whooping cough were also examined by defining 3 separate cohorts. For cohorts, query codes were created on the Clinerion’s patented Patient Network Explorer platform. The criteria sets were transformed into a computing query and executed against anonymized electronic patient records (EHR) of the hospitals in Turkey. Patient records reach back to 2002, up to June 2021. The aggregated results for the cohorts are captured in this poster.

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Investigation Of The Estimated Regional Distribution of Transthyretin Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy (TTR-FAP) Disease In Konya

June, 2022

TTR-FAP disease is an adult-onset severe autosomal dominant hereditary neuropathy. This study was planned to understand the epidemiology of TTR-FAP among patients who applied to Konya Selçuk University, and to determine the geographical distribution of this disease at local level data of province in RWE concept.

With this research, it was aimed to increase the awareness of clinicians in Turkey about TTR-FAP disease and to obtain epidemiological data of TTR-FAP patients in Turkey.

This RWE study was designed as a retrospective, single-center, longitudinal descriptive study; and aims to assess geographical distribution of probable TTR-FAP cases, where country-level epidemiological data is limited. Real-world data obtained from routine clinical practices at Selçuk University Hospital, between the years 2009 and 2018, in Konya province in Turkey were analyzed. The data was collected from HIMS in accordance with the Clinerion data structure.

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Determination of Fabry Patients by Modeling Disease-Specific Phenotypes in Istanbul Medical Faculty Electronic Health Records (EHR) Data: A Single Center Real-World Evidence (RWE) Study in Turkey

June, 2022

Preliminary findings of a project on identifying undiagnosed Fabry patients using a disease-specific phenotypes model which we developed together with project partners from academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

Project by Sinan Fındık with Istanbul University Medical Faculty & Sanofi, presented at the 20th Çukurova Pediatrics Congress, Adana, Türkiye, in June, 2022 (in Turkish)

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Identification of Pompe Patients by Modeling Disease-Specific Phenotypes Using Electronic Health Records Data at Istanbul Medical Faculty: A Single Center Real-World Evidence Study in Turkey

June, 2022

Preliminary findings of a project on identifying undiagnosed Pompe patients using a disease-specific phenotypes model which we developed together with project partners from academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

Project by Sinan Fındık with Istanbul University Medical Faculty & Sanofi, presented at the XVI. International Metabolic Disorders and Nutrition Congress, Hatay, Türkiye, in May, 2022 (in Turkish).

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Determination of co-occurrence rates of Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) & risk factors using electronic health record (EHR) data (Poster, in Turkish)

May, 2022

Evaluation of the distribution of patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseas​e (ASKVD) and ASKVD risk factors among individuals with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) using electronic health record (ESC) data: A single-center retrospective real-life data (RWD) in Türkiye

Project by Sinan Fındık, with İnönü University & AstraZeneca, presented at the 43rd Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Congress, Antalya, Türkiye.

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Identifying undiagnosed rare disease patients by modelling disease-specific phenotypes using EHR data (White Paper)

April, 2022

Alleviating the suffering of rare disease patients caused by incorrect diagnosis through use of Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer, global patient data network and AI/ML technologies.

Rare diseases, by nature of being rare, often go undiagnosed or are misdiagnosed, and for these reasons, rare disease patients may not receive the right treatment. For many rare diseases – and there are currently more than 6,000 – there is strong evidence that at least 50% of patients are never correctly diagnosed due to heterogeneous presentation, lack of medical expertise in recognizing symptoms and limited access to the specific diagnostic tests required. Rare diseases often present with different symptoms, which can cause a significant delay in diagnosis; this situation affects not only the patient, but also the family, health care providers and social support structure.

This white paper presents Clinerion's work on identifying undiagnosed rare disease patients by modelling disease-specific phenotypes through use of Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer, global patient EHR network and AI/ML technologies.

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Report: "Industry Clinical Trials In Poland. Possibilities to increase number and scope of trials in Poland"

February, 2022

Did you know that Clinerion has significant coverage in Poland? We recently contributed to the report "Industry Clinical Trials in Poland."

"Industry Clinical Trials in Poland. Possibilities to increase number and scope of trials in Poland." is a report sponsored by the Polish Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies (INFARMA) and the Polish Association for Employers of Contract Research Organizations (POLCRO). Clinerion was invited to contribute a chapter on "Harnessing the Power of Electronic Health Records to Increase Speed and Precision of Clinical Trials."

Download the report here (page is in Polish, but an English language report is available) >


Clinical Research & Healthcare Digitalization in the Middle East & Turkey (Publication: Clinical Research at MENA)

February, 2022

Everything you need to know about clinical research & healthcare digitalization in the Middle East & Turkey: read our chapter, by Barış Erdoğan and Le Vin Chin, in the new book on the challenges & solutions of Clinical Research at MENA, by Fatih Özdener!

"The meaning of Clinical Trials for humans has recently changed significantly, “evolved”, so to speak. In today’s environment, where ethical validity is much more strictly controlled, this meaning is far beyond “human drug testing” and much closer to the “therapeutic goal”. The number of clinical trials in western countries that have perceived this change has increased rapidly and continues to increase. Although the number of clinical studies in the MENA region is increasing day by day, it is still far from its potential. Among the reasons for this are legal, technological, ethical, epidemiological, educational and economic factors. This book presents both the difficulties encountered in conducting clinical trials in MENA and
suggestions for solving these difficulties."

Fatih Özdener has broad pharmaceutical industry experience at different local and regional medical functions including clinical operations, clinical quality and medical management in Turkey, Middle East and Africa. He has more than twenty publications in the fields of molecular and clinical pharmacology. Currently, he is a faculty member and a member of management board at Bahcesehir University School of Medicine and the program coordinator of Pharmaceutical Medicine master’s degree program at the same university.

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The Clinerion Technology Vision for RWD Insights (White Paper)

October, 2021

Enabling a full digital patient profile from EHR to enhance physician access, clinical research, and patient care.

As the volume of both clinical trial and real-world data continues to grow exponentially, the pharma industry is struggling to deal with data interoperability issues and generate actionable insights. There is a critical need to address concerns around data standardization, data security, data ownership and to build robust data governance models to enable data integration.

This white paper presents Clinerion's vision for the future of technology for real-world data insights, addressing these topics and also touching upon evolving models such as data fabrics, federated learning platforms and digital ecosystems.

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Patient Population Analytics (Posters)

July, 2021

Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer offers indication-agnostic access to live, real-world, anonymized, aggregate EHR data of its partner hospitals.

More details and example reports on Multiple Myeloma in Turkey & Asthma, FeNO ≥20 ppb in the UAE >

Can real world data support drug development with better trial design and real-world evidence? (Poster)

June, 2021

Our work with our partner Datametrix uncovers how use of statistical analytics methodologies on electronic health records can build synthetic control arms to supplement clinical trial data for better clinical and regulatory decisions.

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Strategies Toward Identifying Undiagnosed Rare Disease Patients (Poster)

April, 2021

Strategies Toward Identifying Undiagnosed Rare Disease Patients

In this poster, produced together with Volv Global and originally presented at the Frontiers in Pediatric Genomic Medicine Conference (April, 2021), we explore how EHR-based real world data enables the ability to find potential patients that have been diagnosed as well as those that have not been correctly diagnosed.

The poster explains how EHR systems can be used to identify existing diagnosed patients, to identify undiagnosed patients through related symptoms, and to model more heterogenous disease response using an AI/ ML approach to find patients yet undiagnosed.

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Accessing Multiple Patient Data Sources to Enhance Generation of Real-World Evidence, Outcomes Research & Non-Research Evaluations (Poster)

September, 2020

The poster explains how Clinerion’s ecosystem allows the interrogation of retrospective data, as well as the generation of new prospective data for RWE studies, surveillance, sentinel and cross-sectional studies, feasibility studies, screening for risk management or health-care system evaluation, among other traditional or innovative study designs.

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