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Clinerion Patient Network Explorer

Clinerion Patient Network Explorer

Optimized study design, precise site selection and faster patient search and identification for clinical research - in real time.

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Our Vision

Imagine faster patient access to medicines and improved health outcomes with Real World Data.

We have vision of a world in which innovative drugs get to the patients and physicians who need them earlier and at a reduced cost.

We are committed to bringing forward the best treatment and care for patients by accelerating of the development of innovative medicines. We improve efficiency in patient recruitment, increase effectiveness in clinical research and accelerate the process of drug development to ensure a faster availability of medicines.

We accelerate clinical research and medical access for patients using proprietary technologies for analysis of Real World Data from our global hospital network.

The Clinerion Technology Vision for RWD Insights

How does Clinerion see the future of real-world data insights for physician access, clinical research, and patient care? In particular, how will we enable the creation of a "full" digital patient profile – derived from EHR-based real-world data – to revoutionize obtainable insights?

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