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Clinerion Patient Network Explorer

Clinerion Patient Network Explorer

Optimized study design, precise site selection and faster patient search and identification for clinical research - in real time.

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System Security

The Clinerion Patient Network Explorer is a hybrid cloud-based platform with federated installations at sites. There is no direct inbound connection from the Clinerion Cloud to the Clinerion servers (“Site Nodes”) at the hospitals.

The Clinerion secure private cloud delivers queries to the federated servers at the partner hospitals, and the aggregated results are reported to the cloud.

De-identified, unlinked patient data stays on local intranets and only report data is sent from the Clinerion Site Nodes to the Clinerion Cloud. The cloud itself contains no patient data, just “data about data” and this means the Clinerion Cloud can also not be hacked for patient data.

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