The development of innovative medicines is a long and costly process.

  • Generally: it takes over $1.4 B and 12 years to bring a new drug to market, while only three out of every 20 approved drugs bring in enough revenue to cover development costs.*


  • Each day a drug is delayed from reaching the market, the pharmaceutical company loses up to $8 million.** Up to 50% of all delays are caused by slow recruitment***. 30% of phase III terminations are caused by recruitment difficulties****.


  • Protocol amendments: more than 3.5 amendments are required for Phase III trial protocols. The cost of each protocol amendment is estimated at $ 450,000.*****


  • Finding patients: 48% of sites miss their enrollment targets for Phase II or III studies, resulting in timelines nearly twice as long as originally planned to meet required enrollment levels.*****


Clinerion’s promise is to deliver radical efficiency savings to key clinical trials processes via high-technology, big data informatics solutions for health data. In the key areas of protocol feasibility testing, site strategy and site feasibility testing, and patient search, Clinerion’s solutions bring massive time and cost savings through access to 100%, real-time information on aggregated patient populations, across institutions and geographies.


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