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Clinerion Patient Network Explorer

Clinerion Patient Network Explorer

Optimized study design, precise site selection and faster patient search and identification for clinical research - in real time.

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Accelerating Clinical Research for Pharmaceutical Companies.

Developing new medicines is risky: it takes a whole lot of time and money, with no guarantee of success.

Finding ways to improve efficiency, increase effectiveness and accelerate the process would generate huge savings in the cost of drug development and in the time needed to get medicines to the public.

Clinerion’s promise is to deliver radical efficiency savings to key clinical trials processes via high-technology, big data informatics solutions for health data. In the key areas of protocol feasibility testing, site strategy and site feasibility testing, and patient search and identification, Clinerion’s solutions bring massive time and cost savings through access to 100%, real-time information on aggregated patient populations, across institutions and geographies. This leads to protocols being optimized using live data, making trial recruitment more efficient and effective with real-time, EHR-based patient search and identification, in a fraction of the time needed by traditional search processes: minutes instead of months. Time-critical trials also become possible as the system runs in real-time, 24/7.

What Clinerion's Patient Network Explorer brings to Pharmaceutical Companies.

  • Patient Network Explorer saves the clinical research industry months in time and millions in costs during drug development in avoiding the need for study protocol amendments and in speeding up trial site selection and patient identification, i.e. finding enough patients within the target enrollment time.
  • Patient Network Explorer increases the efficiency of the clinical trial process by enabling patient search and selection of sites with real and complete information (no randomness, or guesswork).
  • Patient Network Explorer is a patient-centric Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for pharmaceutical companies interested to streamline clinical research. The solution allows for real-time patient querying and engagement. Additionally, it enables teams to monitor for quality in care provided, resource planning, trial optimization and analytics.

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Features Allows you to ... Benefits

Protocol design

Code your protocol as a query using unlimited inclusion and exclusion criteria and using complex combinations of criteria based on demographics, diagnoses, medication, laboratory values and undertaken procedures.

Accelerate the protocol development process.

Protocol feasibility

Test and refine your protocol, live, by querying against real hospital patient populations.

Make the protocol more relevant and realistic.

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Finding potential trial sites Use your protocol to identify hospitals with patient populations which fit your criteria, live, and in a single query.

Make your trial more efficient: fewer sites with more patients.

Speed up site identification – results within minutes!

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Patient search


When a hospital has become a trial site, research clinicians there can identify individual patients for recruitment.

We make trial recruitment more efficient and effective, in a fraction of the time needed by traditional search processes: minutes instead of months.

Patient enrolment 

Trial managers can keep track of patient eligibility and enrolment status. Real-time alerts on suitable patients, 24/7 – even up-to-the-minute walk-ins.


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