Clinerion's Patient Finder is the dashboard accessible only to hospital staff for visualization of electronic health records (EHRs) live, and in real time. This allows the stratification of patients for patient care, or for the identification of suitable clinical study candidates. For clinical trials, Patient Finder enables faster and more efficient search and identification, leading to more patients enrolled.

Clinerion Patient Network Explorer queries hospital information systems across Clinerion’s networked hospitals in real-time, using study protocols generated by Clinerion’s Query Designer, by automated screening of real-time electronic health records (EHRs). Patient Finder then allows hospital trial staff to identify the eligible patients for stratification.

For time-dependent clinical trials, the tool provides automated alerts for hospital staff to identify patients entering hospital systems in time and enroll them for clinical research trials before traditional treatment is initiated. Real-time identification of eligible candidate patients for recruitment allows primary investigators and study nurses at trial sites to track and trace patients instantaneously, in real-time, with 24/7 notification of new, eligible patients.

Clinerion makes trial recruitment more efficient and effective by offering patient search and identification in a fraction of the time needed by traditional search processes: minutes instead of months.

Patient Network Explorer is a hybrid system with all sensitive patient information processed within a hospital group's infrastructure. To clinical trial staff it is available as an easy-to-use, web-based application that can be employed for all disease indications, in interventional and observational trials, in virtually all hospital systems, and in acute and out-patient settings.


Benefits of Patient Finder:

To clinical trial sponsors:
  • More efficient clinical trial due to effective search and identification and accelerated patient recruitment
  • Find more pre-screened patients not otherwise findable through conventional methods
  • Run time-critical trials due with continuous automated,, real-time alerts for new patients entering the hospital
To physicians and hospitals:
  • Manage and visualize EHR data
    • Stratification of patients for better patient care and more efficient performance of hospital
  • Cohort search and patient identification
    • Find times more matching patients in minutes/hours
    • Real-time alerts when eligible patients found
    • Supports investigator initiated internal clinical research with an established and tested service: no need to develop your own system
    • Can run time-critical trials due to shorter time and real-time alerts
    • Access innovative medication for patients

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