Clinerion’s Site Finder examines recruitment feasibility for a trial site based on actual, up-to-the-minute patient data. For a given study protocol, patient databases are screened to assess how many suitable candidate patients can be expected in a certain time period, at hospitals throughout Clinerion’s international network. As the relevant electronic health records (EHRs) are up to date and usually include the patient’s history, a protocol coded into the Query Designer can be fully validated against the study's requirements. Clinerion offers this service for a sizeable number of hospitals increasing monthly.

Clineron’s Site Finder provides a much more reliable estimate of recruitment process performance – and thus selection – of a trial site than the usual principal investigators’ estimates, which are mostly experience-based and rarely fact driven.

A trial sponsor can identify exactly the right hospitals to find their target number of eligible patients, and thereby minimize the number of trial sites for a study.


Benefits of the Site Finder:

To clinical trial sponsors:
  • Improve site strategy: fewer sites with more patients
  • Identify sites based on 100% information on patient populations
  • No time wasted on dead-end feasibility information requests to sites
  • Speed up site identification – results within minutes!
To physicians and hospitals:
  • Attract increased number of sponsored clinical research trials which are better targeted to your patient population; access innovative medication for your patients
  • Higher performance of site: pre-validation of site mean higher probability to receive trials and a shorter set-up time, leading to higher throughput
  • Increased revenues 

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